Golden Horse Consulting is proud to offer a comprehensive range of business services to clients of all sizes, across a variety of industries and business verticals.

What We Do

Leadership Development

Our consultants, coaches, and facilitators are committed to understanding your company’s current state and the competencies your leaders need in order to build a strategically aligned development program. It is crucial to appreciate that every leader is undergoing different transitions within a unique environment. Our research and experience with high performing leaders tell us that a generic, one-size-fits-all approach to leadership development is ineffective. A person-focused approach is essential. Talking about leadership is what we do!


Human Performance

It is essential that organizations learn to balance the requirements of both their business strategy and their people, or performance will decline, and people will leave. Human Performance is the sum total of the actions, interactions, behaviors and collaboration of leaders, teams and individuals at all levels of a business that have direct or indirect impact on business performance.

Our High-Performance Team and Personal Solutions are designed to facilitate breakthrough performance. Proprietary online surveys are followed by feedback sessions and coaching to help teams become much more than the sum of their parts and, as a result, create a sustainable competitive advantage.


Developing the workforce of the future & Business Plans

Platforms for communicating will change. As remote teams become more common, preferences are shifting as to how communication and development should occur. For example, it is anticipated that video conferencing will overtake email as the preferred collaboration tool. Therefore, a Business Plan in essential! Every experienced entrepreneur will tell you that having a well-thought-out strategy greatly improves your chances of success. At a high-level, the business plan establishes a sound approach to making money with your product or service and helps focus and communicate your vision to others.


Trusted Advisor Support

Our clients enjoy unlimited access — unlimited — confidential sounding boards, coaching, and highly responsive expertise. Personal meetings are scheduled as needed, and there is never a “meter ticking.” This freedom and flexibility enables our clients to link personal and business growth with specific and pragmatic improvement techniques.


A few of our services related to strategic talent management include Succession Planning, Board of Directors Self-Evaluation, Culture Audits & Stocktaking, Establishing A Leadership Model, Facilitation and Workshops.

We believe we have something different to offer.